It would be recommended to copyright your name, on completion of template print off sign along with the witness, upload the completed template to a social network site, twitter, facebook, creating a Public notice of the copyright with immediate effect. 
Please note the template you created for your COPYRIGHT should be sent along with NOTICE OF IMPLIED RIGHTS OF ACCESS, NO TRESPASSING NOTIFICATION and FEE SCHEDULE should be sent with your FIRST LETTER and THIRD LETTER.

Log and recall all contact they (collectors of debt) make applying your Fee Schedule keeping a debt of theirs, you should be instructed to send Invoices created from the Fee schedule, you will therefor be creating debt to that such person/company.

Freedom is more than a seven letter word. The link is a PDF form of valuable and essential information it will offer an insight into the who what and whys inclusive of your Strawman. 
Alternative video format, explained by the writer Veronica Chapman  a TRUE believer and applier to the challenges ahead.

Now you have read/watched the above you have an understanding of the Deception we are led into, Freedom is what we take for it, time to remove that woolly hat that has firmly been pulled over the eyes. 

You will need a printer for the following links as they are needed for the process and protection.

1. Implied Rights of Access,Printable Template
2. No Trespassing

The following links will open Unenforceable Document, from here you will find a multitude of useful information on the Acronym terminology, useful Templates for processing your challenge. 

When your debt is sold they are creating a new contract, did you consent to this ? No I would not of thought so. Study up on DEEDS OF ASSIGNMENT and INSTRUMENTS OF NOVATION, specifically DELEGATION NOVATION AGREEMENTS. Understanding these is crucial in understanding what you are actually asking for in the three letter process. Best thing to do is start lettering each and every debt collector chasing you, with the three letter process

Once the debt has been sold to a debt collection agent the following letters are applicable, fill in the Red with your details. Always send the letters SIGNED delivery, and don't waste your money or time sending to a PO box, you will get no where.

When and after you  have sent a FEE SCHEDULE, they will have no doubt continued to contact you, for their ignorance you shall require your own invoice of demands. INVOICE for demands on your request, which you would have set out in your original FEE SCHEDULE.

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