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Re: Reference Number: INSERT
Dear Interloper

Thank you for your recent contact dated: INSERT

I feel this matter is serious and wish to deal with it in writing. I do not give you permission to contact me by telephone. I will be logging the dates and times of your calls and messages and should they continue, I must warn you that they will now constitute ‘harassment’ and I may take action under Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the Administration of Justice Act 1970 S.40, which makes it a Criminal Offence for a creditor or a creditor's agent to make demands (for money), which are aimed at causing 'alarm, distress or humiliation', because of their frequency or manner.

Please provide verification of your claim, by providing me with true and certified copies (Not photocopies) of the Deed of Assignment (NOT Notice of Assignment) and Deed of Novation. Please also provide me with the name of the individual who is the duly authorised representative from your company, who has seen the Original Note and is certifying these assignments as certified copies and that your company now has the Original Note (Credit Agreement) under penalty of perjury and with unlimited liability and confirm that the Note has never been sold prior to your company purchasing this account. Please also confirm the name of the individual who is the duly authorised representative from your company, who has carried out due diligence under The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and what actions s/he has taken in relation to this account.
Please provide this information and documents within ten (10) days from the above date, so that I may settle any financial obligation I might lawfully owe. Your said failure to provide verification of your claim constitutes your agreement to the following terms: that you are a third party interloper; you have no legal standing; no first-hand knowledge of this matter; your claim is fraudulent; any damages I suffer you will be held culpable; you agree to pay all fee schedules; that any negative remarks made to a credit reference agency will be removed and that you will no longer pursue this matter any further.

Should you provide sufficient evidence that I owe your organisation or your client any outstanding amount and that you can provide proof that they have assigned you agency, I should be happy to pay any verified claim in full.

Yours sincerely
By: -------------------------

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